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European trained in the art of designing and creating jewelry,  Michael recently celebrated his 40th year at his bench.  An established guitarist and bassist, his first goal in life was to become a famous Rock Star.  While he did come close on several occasions, he never quite made it to the level he dreamed about.  While Michael was in High School, he dabbled in the art of making jewelry.  Just some simple beaded necklaces to begin with.  It was a simple hobby he sandwiched in-between his studies, music., chasing girls and experimenting with psychedelic drugs. 

"I never gave a thought of actually making jewelry to sell.  Just trinkets I gave away to family and friends.  Fun, not profit"

After High School Michael moved to California to pursue what had become a full time career in Music. He spent 7 years on the road touring from Tahoe to Reno to Vegas to San Francisco and then back again.  A professional circuit where he performed in Showroom Rock Acts as well as a back up guitarist for famous entertainers such as Eddie Money, Tom Jones and the Four Tops just to mention a few.  " I was young and single and played my guitar full time while  sowing my wild oats".  

In my mid 20's I decided it was time to go back to school and save the world. Two years later I earned a degree as a Psychiatric Nurse.  Why?  I have no idea.  It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  After 6 months of working at a State Hospital I took a weekend off to try and sell some jewelry I'd been making.  It was at a local craft fair.  It was a 3 day show but I sold out on the first day.  In fact I made more money in a few hours then I was making in a week nursing.  That's when my nursing career came to an abrupt end and my full time jewelry career kicked in.  Forty years, two kids and two marriages later I'm still doing the jewelry thing.  I am highly honored to let you know that my son Isaiah is now working full time with me in the shop.  He's becoming an excellent metal-smith and an awesome stone cutter.  I am so incredibly proud of him.   I also still play in pro working bands throughout Northern California.  I currently own a successful jewelry store in Sonoma Ca and until recently was the leader of a top notch cover band  (for 10 years) called Crossfire.  Who knows whats next?  As the saying goes.......... "One day at a time.  It's certainly been an interesting journey thus far".  


    Creating this site has be an interesting journey from my work bench to my computer.  I would like to thank the following people for their love, support & patience along the way.
1)  Allyson my wife and partner for dealing with my coming to bed at 3:00 in the morning, her hard work and dedication and the constant reminder that love really does conquer all.
2)  My 25 year old son Isaiah for his enthusiasm to learn whatever I have to teach in the work shop.  Also,  the opportunity to pass on whatever skills I might have  and  being a great source of personal pride.  Working with him is a sweet pleasure.
3) Alandra my beautiful daughter who's absence is a constant reminder that "absence really does make the heart grow fonder". She moved back east and there's not a day goes by I don't think about her.  She is forever in my heart
4)  Dan Trudeau my shop partner for his high level of creative excellence and a constant reminder you're never too old to learn and cutting corners is never an option.
5)  My dog Buddy who lowers my blood pressure by making sure I throw his Frisbee a half hour a day.


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