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(A note from Michael)


Many of our designs are created using an art of cutting stones called Inlay.  Inlay is a process where a stone is cut & shaped to fit perfectly within area called a channel.  After the stone is carefully fit, an extremely powerful epoxy is applied to secure it.  When the epoxy cures, the stone is sanded down to the desired height & polished.  Different colors and shapes are possible.   I'm proud to say I was one of the pioneers in this process dating back some 40 years ago.  Other talented artists such as Jerry Spaulding, John Bagley, Raoul Sosa and others were also hard at work developing this technique.  Inlay takes incredible patience.  The work must be meticulous and the lines perfectly straight.  My 25 year old son Isaiah is  my apprentice and working diligently on learning this technique.  I'm proud to say he has the gift.  Since jewelry schools don't teach inlay, keeping the art alive is a bit of a challenge.  As this website progresses it will include a brief video showing the process in motion.  As you browse through our designs,  please keep in mind that if you see a ring design you like but would prefer a different stone, that's not a problem.  You can order any design in any stone or combination.  I would like to extend my deepest gratitude, love and support to my dear friend Karina Cross.  Her dedication and assitance in teaching my son Isaiah stone cutting was invaluable.  She's the best.

The rings below are just some examples

of gemstones available. The only

limit is imagination


(Very Limited 

and color varies)

(Very Limited)

Cultured Australian

Opal (bright bl-gr)

Cultured Australian

Opal (black & red)

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