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Design # 42



Black Onyx


Dino Bone




Gold Quartz


Halem & Co.

Michael R. Halem





This is a natural form of Australian Opal  a sample of which I stumbled upon a few years ago.  The miner referred to it as Sugar Opal.  In retrospect I wish I had purchased more of it.  I've been unable to locate the Australian source.  Even during my mining tour of Australian two years ago I was unable to find it's location.  During my most recent trip to the International Gem Show it was no where to be found.  This ring pictured is currently available.  However I have very little more of it.  If you would like to order a ring design using this stone, check with me to see if I have a piece that would work.  It has a soft looking fire with an interesting grain.  Not difficult to cut but very difficult to polish. 

(See below note from Michael)

The rock pictured above these two rings

is piece of natural and untreated Dinosaur Bone.

 This specimen was unearthed in Utah.  I have cut

and polished one side.  Rings above are samples.  

Notice the difference in the color and texture just in

this one sample.  The blue-grey color can also be

ordered in any of my designs.

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